A little bit about me... I'm Regan and I was born in Cairns, Far North Queensland and have been painting and selling my work for 28 years. 

I adore colour and love seeing people get enjoyment from my paintings, bringing life to their walls in their homes or workplace.  I never really know what the end result will be on my canvas, I'm always experimenting which is half the fun.  My paintings are made up of many layers using acrylic paints, charcoal, chalk pastels, oil pastels and gold leaf. 

I have sold around 4,500 paintings throughout Australia and overseas, I'm not sure where they all are but it gives me a real buzz knowing they are out there somewhere.  Over the years I have held 18 solo exhibition and taken part in dozens of group exhibitions, one of my favourite exhibitions was with my father where we displayed our paintings together in a duo exhibition which was a real highlight for both of us.

After working as a draftsperson for 15 years in the building design industry, I decided to move to Brisbane, Queensland in 2012 and opened an art gallery and painting studio in Teneriffe.  It was an incredible experience and with the help of an amazing designer, we created a clothing line which featured my artwork printed on the fabric.  We held fashion shows, collaborating with lots of talented designers and on the weekends I held art classes and sold my wears at markets.

Eventually my heart strings pulled and I moved back to Cairns where I am lucky enough to be able to paint in my home studio and also work on my limited edition wearable art, kaftan range with my artwork printed on the fabric.

Fun facts

  1. International actress, Eva Mendes bought one of my paintings from an art gallery in Port Douglas, QLD in 1996.
  2. British chef, Jamie Oliver swapped one of his very first cook books for two small paintings of mine at a book signing in London in 2000.
  3. Over the years some of my favourite artists, Ken Done, Tania Heben and Camilla Franks (all Australian) have met with me and provided huge inspiration and extensive knowledge, sharing ideas for my work and career. 
  4. My married name is Regan Piccone.